Eternally Cherished - the NIVEA hand and body cream

There are some values in life, that have become classics and for very good reason. The NIVEA cream that was cherished by our mothers as well as our grandmothers, is a treasure for every woman facing a mild or a severe dry skin problem. This, almost pharmaceutical  product, is actually therapeutic and comforting for the cold winter nights and for the sunny burning days. Its oily, but light texture makes everything feel better, and the metal recognisable round container, has become a symbol for skincare worldwide. I still remember the ones I filled with buttons or pins as a child. And as I apply some ointment on my always needy hands, and I smell the well known scent I feel like a ten year old, sharing my mom's cosmetics.


The Ai - Giorgis Tavern

"Ai" is the short word for "Agios" , which in Greece means "Saint". But the chef of this gourmand tavern near the Greek - Turkish boarders is more of a God! The menu is full of delicacies that will fill with pleasure just about everyone.
The view is also magical, only to mach the dishes, since the restaurant is built on the seafront. This way, the customer can enjoy the sounds of the waves while being served by the best.
It was very relieving to find that the fresh fish, shellfish, octopuses, squids and oysters kept coming straight from the sea during the day, but also that the staff was very professional, but showed at the same time a personal interest in the satisfaction of the customers!  
Let's just say that in a three day trip, we spend two of our dinners there, and leave it to that!