The REAL Greek Yogurt - A life elixir

This full bodied, full fat, full flavor, full life, sheep milk made yogurt is a truly magic Greek elixir. It is great for the skin, for the stomach and the entire Castro system of our body, it gives a feeling of cleanse in our  mouth and it's a real diet treasure. 
The mistake I think some people do, is they don't widen the variety of products they combine it with. They strictly consider it as a dessert material and try honey, marmalade and other sweet products to complement it. These are all fine, don't get me wrong, but try a different aspect, as well.  I , for one, adore its ability to adjust and soften more difficult and tough flavors. Try ginger, garlic, Tabasco and celery, roasted sweet red peppers, olive oil and parsley, beetroot, and anything else that comes in your mind! And of course don't forget to savour it with salt and pepper!
As for the skin, my favourite delicacy (!), you can either eat it before and enjoy the privilege, or you can mix it with the rest of the ingredients and give a rustic edge in the texture. Enjoy, I just now did!   

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