Mood boards!!! Why we all need one?

This is something we all used to do when we were children and teenagers. In fact in our young years, I dare say that our mood boards were as big as our bedroom walls, filled with music stars, actors, idols, pictures.
Now, that we have grown and grown out of this habit, maybe it;s time to rethink it. We don't have to let anyone else know and we surely don't need to cover our bedroom walls any more. My mood board for example is the inside of my bathroom cupboard, so that it can be out of the way, it can be ONLY mine and at the same time I can see it everyday.
This way, I start my day happy, focus on things I want to do (for example not overeat- Summer is close) get inspired by women I admire, even remember that Paris is forever inside me!
This is me, and of course I'm not static! As I evolve, so does my mood board! New places, a great painting, strange trends and different style icons emerge from the ever changing show business, blogoshere, the whole world. Grab your scotch tape and scissors, and start! 

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