Formerly Forbidden

It is no secret that fashion has a history as great as the human race, and of course has evolved as well. This last decades though, I noticed that a lot of style taboos that were loyally respected by our grandmothers AND our mothers, have since, collapsed and reversed into style musts.
  1. The first rebel, as awkward as it may sounds, was the great master Yves saint Laurent, that dared make the famous black and blue suit! Black and blue? God Forbid! Even now it seems unthinkable to some women!
  2. Blue was, in so many ways a color restricted in a certain rules, because it also wasn't allowed to combine with brown of any hue or shade! but look how beautifully they compliment each other in the picture!
  3. Another issue came up with white in winter. For some reason, for years, it felt strange, cold, alien to wear anything white in winter time, whereas today a white coat, white jeans, or even a pair of white boots feel so stylish in a snowy background!
  4. Smoky eyes in daytime. Another taboo, that was rightfully tore down, since make up is not a matter of time, just a matter of attitude and mood.
  5. Grey and brown,as well as grey and burgundy were not allowed to be seen together in an outfit, although the cold grey longs for the warmth of brown or burgundy and looks great next to them.
  6. Velvet or lace or tulle garments that were considered ballroom  material, are now worn all day, not to mention that they are accompanied by their humble next to kin, like denim, wool sweaters, or plain T shirts.
If there is one thing I observe is that rules, thank God do not apply anymore. This is of course a relief, since everyone can freely work on his or hers own style! Hurrah!!! At the same time, what a disaster!!! Everyone can FREELY decide on their style???
Fashionistas, please forgive me, since this is not my field of expertise, but I love observing...

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