Alternative psychotherapy - A woman's/ wife's / mother's road to serenity

Now, why on earth is there any need for therapy? Is it that you run around everyone else, all day long, making sure they have everything in order, only to forget about yourself? Is it that no one notices what you are going through to correct any mishaps or gaps, but everyone complains if something is not done? Is it that your kids confuse you for the non existent maid? Is it that every night you realise that you served everyone well at your expense?
If nothing of the above is true, give me your name and photo, I will worship you as my idol!!!
For the rest of us, though let;s see what we can do, before ending up on the couch of a psychiatrist.

  1. Go shopping. Strictly for ourselves!!!Do not make the mistake and spent one cent on any other family member, otherwise, this remedy won't work! You don;t need to destroy your credit card, a nice small blouse, or a small purse will do the work. If the situation is too difficult there's only one buy you can count on to make feel better, a pair of shoes. 
  2. Go for a manicure pedicure treatment and spent the afternoon indulging yourself with facials and masks, even at home! 
  3. Go for a run, box with a pillow, do some exercise, generally sweat a little! No household errands apply to this therapy, since they tend to worsen your situation. 
  4. Dress up! wear a chic outfit and pretend for a day you are someone else. Walk straight, don't answer any disturbing questions, and put out a Gioconda smile, in order to make everyone else extra nervous.
  5. Of course if nothing works, you can always put the kids to bed a little bit earlier and drink two glasses of the magical potion of extra dry red wine. This never fails! Everything seems a little bit better afterwards.
Bear in mind, that these are only compensation measures, though. Maybe it's time to consider putting yourself first, if not all the time, at least in some occasions.  

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