The REAL Greek Yogurt - A life elixir

This full bodied, full fat, full flavor, full life, sheep milk made yogurt is a truly magic Greek elixir. It is great for the skin, for the stomach and the entire Castro system of our body, it gives a feeling of cleanse in our  mouth and it's a real diet treasure. 
The mistake I think some people do, is they don't widen the variety of products they combine it with. They strictly consider it as a dessert material and try honey, marmalade and other sweet products to complement it. These are all fine, don't get me wrong, but try a different aspect, as well.  I , for one, adore its ability to adjust and soften more difficult and tough flavors. Try ginger, garlic, Tabasco and celery, roasted sweet red peppers, olive oil and parsley, beetroot, and anything else that comes in your mind! And of course don't forget to savour it with salt and pepper!
As for the skin, my favourite delicacy (!), you can either eat it before and enjoy the privilege, or you can mix it with the rest of the ingredients and give a rustic edge in the texture. Enjoy, I just now did!   


All time classics - The mariniere

photo from sailcouture.com
No need explaining why this is a classic and a basic in every closet, no matter the gender! I can't really have enough of them. It is basically a summer item, but it's easily treated as an all weather blouse. So stylish, so elegant, so navy, so classic and so honoured by all designers, from the time that Coco Channel brought it into the catwalks, to Jean Paul Gaultier that worshipped it beyond belief, and movie stars around the world. This is a personal fetish, a loved piece, a combination of my true colours white and blue, sea and sky, that brings a playful mood in any appearance!


Mood boards!!! Why we all need one?

This is something we all used to do when we were children and teenagers. In fact in our young years, I dare say that our mood boards were as big as our bedroom walls, filled with music stars, actors, idols, pictures.
Now, that we have grown and grown out of this habit, maybe it;s time to rethink it. We don't have to let anyone else know and we surely don't need to cover our bedroom walls any more. My mood board for example is the inside of my bathroom cupboard, so that it can be out of the way, it can be ONLY mine and at the same time I can see it everyday.
This way, I start my day happy, focus on things I want to do (for example not overeat- Summer is close) get inspired by women I admire, even remember that Paris is forever inside me!
This is me, and of course I'm not static! As I evolve, so does my mood board! New places, a great painting, strange trends and different style icons emerge from the ever changing show business, blogoshere, the whole world. Grab your scotch tape and scissors, and start! 


Are you an effective team? - Couple stories

photo from sci fi interfaces and the movie OBLIVION
There is only one way to act in a marriage and expect it to last, in my opinion. Be a team. 
Your husband or wife is more than your lover, more than your friend, even more than the parent of your children. He or she is your partner, your fellow soldier, and you better make sure you got his back covered, and he has got yours.
This is not about love or sex, though these help a lot. This is much more. Being united against the rest of the world (your kids included) isn't always so easy, especially when difficult times or challenging ventures are encountered. But that is the time, that sticking together really matters, and you should ask the question: Are we an effective team?
There is , though, one attitude that can help you understand the essence of this strong bond. On the opposite from the commonly accepted idea that a marriage is all about compromise, I go for the "No compromise policy". Don't ever compromise, do your partner a favour just because you can and you want to. You love him, you want to please him, you like making him or her happy, and you are a giving person. If you believe you are compromising, you will start counting how many times you backed down, how many times the other one did, how important was your compromises compared to your partner, and so on. Isn't it just better not to?
However this can work only if the other part feels the same way. So don't compromise there either. Choose wisely the person next to you.


The Tracksuit Factor

Photo from Daily Mail

It is commonly known that dressing up has become more relaxed, more easy going, and less formal. This is the reason, terms like "casual smart" have been used a lot lately. Nevertheless, ladies, maybe it's not a bad idea to draw a line at some point. And this line I believe, should exclude tracksuits from our everyday clothes. 
This matter is not as trivial as you may think, it is a matter of life and death! The death of our style and mood. As  Ines de la Fressange said the tracksuit shows abandonment. There are too many reasons not to go out in it. It doesn't look good on anyone, and I mean anyone, except models ( but a garbage bag would look nice on them too). You can't tell if you put on some weight, in order to try to lose it. It doesn't do any justice to your posture. It reminds you that you haven't been in the gym for the past 132 months. You might meet the love of your life, the father of your children, the dream employer, a style icon, why be in a tracksuit? You are not a school student. (Unless you are so go ahead and wear it). You are not in the gym (if you are, you are also excused).
Sure, there are those that argue about the comfort they provide, but  at what expense! Who wants to be just comfortable? if that's the case we could wear our pj's and slippers, and be even more comfortable! Even the ladies in the picture would make no to bad impression, if they weren't famous. Wouldn't you agree?


Sebrico - Destination SKG

This is an easy going, non - formal, alternatively run, restaurant, unfit to visit during diet! It is of medium price but on the contrary of non medium taste!

Love the variety, meat as well as fish, great value appetisers, and a more than adequate wine list. The staff is friendly and willing, and Sebrico is a good place for either a lunch break, or an afternoon long dinner. 

And one last piece of advice!Try to have a go with a big company, to taste many different tastes!


The Freaky Table - Simply Breathtaking

Every now and then, I have the great pleasure to stumble on a great original talent! Zaira Zarotti is one of them with her marvelous photography and her astonishing food styling. Her dark and mysterious images make you wonder about the personality of the cook, and of the rest of the background that exceeds the narrow limits of the frame.

It feels as if living in another era, in another reality, in a time of warlocks and alchemists, of potions and magic and secrets. The atmosphere that she creates is so thick, that it seems you can walk through the fog and touch the freaky table with your own hand!


Formerly Forbidden

It is no secret that fashion has a history as great as the human race, and of course has evolved as well. This last decades though, I noticed that a lot of style taboos that were loyally respected by our grandmothers AND our mothers, have since, collapsed and reversed into style musts.
  1. The first rebel, as awkward as it may sounds, was the great master Yves saint Laurent, that dared make the famous black and blue suit! Black and blue? God Forbid! Even now it seems unthinkable to some women!
  2. Blue was, in so many ways a color restricted in a certain rules, because it also wasn't allowed to combine with brown of any hue or shade! but look how beautifully they compliment each other in the picture!
  3. Another issue came up with white in winter. For some reason, for years, it felt strange, cold, alien to wear anything white in winter time, whereas today a white coat, white jeans, or even a pair of white boots feel so stylish in a snowy background!
  4. Smoky eyes in daytime. Another taboo, that was rightfully tore down, since make up is not a matter of time, just a matter of attitude and mood.
  5. Grey and brown,as well as grey and burgundy were not allowed to be seen together in an outfit, although the cold grey longs for the warmth of brown or burgundy and looks great next to them.
  6. Velvet or lace or tulle garments that were considered ballroom  material, are now worn all day, not to mention that they are accompanied by their humble next to kin, like denim, wool sweaters, or plain T shirts.
If there is one thing I observe is that rules, thank God do not apply anymore. This is of course a relief, since everyone can freely work on his or hers own style! Hurrah!!! At the same time, what a disaster!!! Everyone can FREELY decide on their style???
Fashionistas, please forgive me, since this is not my field of expertise, but I love observing...


Alternative psychotherapy - A woman's/ wife's / mother's road to serenity

Now, why on earth is there any need for therapy? Is it that you run around everyone else, all day long, making sure they have everything in order, only to forget about yourself? Is it that no one notices what you are going through to correct any mishaps or gaps, but everyone complains if something is not done? Is it that your kids confuse you for the non existent maid? Is it that every night you realise that you served everyone well at your expense?
If nothing of the above is true, give me your name and photo, I will worship you as my idol!!!
For the rest of us, though let;s see what we can do, before ending up on the couch of a psychiatrist.

  1. Go shopping. Strictly for ourselves!!!Do not make the mistake and spent one cent on any other family member, otherwise, this remedy won't work! You don;t need to destroy your credit card, a nice small blouse, or a small purse will do the work. If the situation is too difficult there's only one buy you can count on to make feel better, a pair of shoes. 
  2. Go for a manicure pedicure treatment and spent the afternoon indulging yourself with facials and masks, even at home! 
  3. Go for a run, box with a pillow, do some exercise, generally sweat a little! No household errands apply to this therapy, since they tend to worsen your situation. 
  4. Dress up! wear a chic outfit and pretend for a day you are someone else. Walk straight, don't answer any disturbing questions, and put out a Gioconda smile, in order to make everyone else extra nervous.
  5. Of course if nothing works, you can always put the kids to bed a little bit earlier and drink two glasses of the magical potion of extra dry red wine. This never fails! Everything seems a little bit better afterwards.
Bear in mind, that these are only compensation measures, though. Maybe it's time to consider putting yourself first, if not all the time, at least in some occasions.