Not just any collar...

photo from www.tempo24.gr/

When I was a child, in Greece, pupils were obligated to wear a blue uniform that was like a dress for the girls and was worn over our clothes, whereas the boys' uniform was a blue jacket that also was worn over their blouse or shirt. 
As you can, probably, imagine we were actually looking alike, and of course that was the purpose of the uniform. Not only keeping our clothes clean and provide uniformity, but also hide any kind of social and economical gap between the students, which actually was not such a bad thing. There was, however, the small but so important element of the collar. Since, we didn't change our uniform every weekday, but, at the same time, we had to keep up with the traditionally strict Greek standards for hygiene, we actually changed collars every day. 
And oh! what collars were they. Firstly they were all white! Most of the collars that could be bought was made from cloth or second quality ready made lace. But it was the only accessory that we actually could wear and differ from the rest, so our mothers and grannies did their best, to avoid buying them, and preferred to add their personal touch. They knitted vigorously and using the best materials, in order to show that their child stood out from the rest. This resulted to a rich variety of so many beautifully and skillfully made white collars, that could actually be displayed in a museum. 
But this is actually an item that can be also worn nowadays. It can add a modest white note to an all black outfit, or it can give a kinky touch to an otherwise indifferent strapless dress or blouse. It is, after all, a handmade vintage item and ultimately its inspired use shows imagination! 

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