Coping with the ice age

Today was a carefully planned day with a lot of work to be done, as well as outdoor obligations that needed to be taken care of. No problem though, since I woke up early put my make-up armour and clothes on and prepared children for school. Everything in order, I thought. Sure, there were some tiny snow flakes floating around, but no big deal. Until the moment, that it took us ten minutes to get to the car, that was 3 meters away, and it seemed like we were ice skating without wearing our ice skates. The temperature was minus 3 C, and the cars that tried to pass by were sliding dangerously, so no time for bravery! Back to the house we went!
What to do when trapped in the house with two schoolchildren?
  1. Eat a proper breakfast, not a school day one, with lots of coffee, cakes, bread, jam, butter, different kinds of cheese. Since we are staying in, we might as well make the most of it!
  2. Make the children do some homework! It actually never ends. Sure, they will whine a bit, but let them know that their classmates are at school and anyway, things could be worse.
  3. After homework, reward them with some free time, to do as they wish. Nine out of ten times they will choose a screen, either TV or a tablet.
  4. This is also your free time, your opportunity to do as you wish. For me the best thing to do is get my beauty sleep, which I actually did, and woke up totally rejuvenated. After all, Tolstoy said that a nap after lunch is pure silver but a nap before lunch is pure gold, and he was right!
  5. Make a soup for lunch. It is the best choice for a cold winter day, and some cliches I love to follow. Also, it is comforting, has less calories, and after the rich breakfast a light lunch is appropriate.
  6. Telephone to schoolmates to check the rest of the homework.
  7. See your emails and social media.
  8. Take a long scented bath, indulge yourself with some of the scented body creams that we save for special occasions, and end up not using.
  9. Light the fireplace, have some wine with some cheese, and call it a night. There's no reason for not declaring it officially a rest day.
  10. Realise it wasn't so bad after all... Once, every now and then, staying in or postponing our business, never hurt anyone.  

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