Airplane etiquette

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If you fly more than a couple of times yearly, it's certain that you have reached the same conclusion with me. There is a grave need for an airplane etiquette, since bad manners seem to be in excess. So let's make a list of passengers we 'd like to avoid meeting in an airplane.
  1. The smelly passenger that sits next to us and has forgotten to take a bath or a shower for the past two years. At the same time he /she wears the same clothes for the past month, maybe hasn't brushed teeth or hair for the same period of time and the word "deodorant" is unknown. 
  2. The passenger that flies with a group, usually colleagues, or has met someone after a long time, and manages to sit together (indifferent), and near you (unfortunately), and talks unstoppable. This passenger laughs, shouts, comments on everything and knows everything about everything.
  3. The passenger who is too big or too tall, that takes over your seat, as well as his or hers. This passenger doesn't want to make you uncomfortable, but can't do anything different. This is a default of the airline booking system that has to predict these kind of problems and provide alternative solutions.
  4. The passenger that accompanies babies or toddlers and seats right behind the business class area. This is also something that the airline booking system could prevent, since it is somewhat tacky to a pay an almost double prize ticket only to suffer of cries, and shouts. This said from a mother of two that travels with kids since they were one year old.
I'm sure that these are not the only passengers that can turn an otherwise pleasant fly to a disaster, and maybe it only takes common sense to realize the way we should all behave in an airplane. If not, the flight attendant after informing the passengers with the safety instructions can provide some good manners lessons. Or maybe you can find the flying etiquette information in the card in the seat pocket in front of you. Please read it BEFORE the take-off!!!  

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