The school lunch box

photo from pinterest 

This is one of mum's daily tortures! What to bake, what to make, what to buy, that will be intriguing enough, tasty enough, interesting enough and especially different enough from all the previous snacks, to be worth putting in the school lunchbox, so that her darling will eat it and actually be happy about it. Well, I've come to the conclusion that this dreamy snack, and to be more exact snacks is a thing of fiction, something that only exists on happy TV commercials, and very much like the land at the end of a rainbow. A mum can get very close but can't actually reach it! Oh! Come on now! Don't bother giving it a second thought. It's much better preparing what YOU want and think is best and healthier, since it is really YOU who is taking the trouble to make it. After all, in a few years, when the light of your eyes will lie down on the couch of his / her therapist, this will be just another thing YOU will be blamed for, because it might hide secret issues that YOU had with your offspring...  

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