Look alike:Claire Underwood style

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This powerful wardrobe is actually not so difficult to acquire, especially when dark colors and simplicity is your thing. Sleeveless, tight, down to the knee dresses, high waist pencil skirts, blues, blacks and grays, tight fit shirts, and high heels, are included in the most wanted style of past season. Not everything has to be expensively branded. These are really classic basic elements one even find in zara, h&m and my personal favorite massimo dutti, as long as we don 't get carried away by floral designs, and girly outfits. This is actually a feminine version of the conservatively elegant masculine style. That being said, there is a certain attitude required when they are worn, otherwise there is no need to bother.

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One must look with a slightly upwards so that the chin will never fold. the back must be straight and the words coming out of one's mouth must be rare. And of course never ever forget the enigmatic Mona Lisa like smile always painted on our face, making everybody else nervous...
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