Desination SKG - The seven seas restaurant

 If you are determined to taste the creativity and treasures of the Greek fish cuisine, do not forget to try the delicious and exquisite dishes of a very dear to me restaurant, the 7 thalasses, meaning 7 seas. The place, the service, the quality, the imagination, the commitment, the comfort, and of course the taste are the seven elements that complete the gastronomic map of this elegant fish restaurant.

shrimps in fresh tomato and pesto sauce
 There is no dish that must be avoided, and no advice, except try everything.
salmon salad
 So good luck with the order.

athinaiki meaning fish with mayo and poached egg
 Although "Athinaiki" (above) is certainly a must.
croissant filled with fish

 There are also flavors that are worth experimenting with. Enjoy!!!

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