People - Nigella...nice and simple?

the photo is from news.nationalpost.com
What is it really about Nigella Lawson, that makes us, women worship her and wanting to be her, even with a couple of extra pounds on us? And it is actually those extra pounds that we so easily are willing to endure that makes our admiration genuine and utterly true! Is it the fact that she makes it look so much fun to have friends over for dinner? or rather that she quickly and effortlessly puts together a feast that looks and tastes great? Ok, these are strong factors, but I would like to think that other aspects of her personality and her way of moving provokes these feelings that are only meant for movie or rock stars. It's her easy going way to, actually giving back this love in each and every tv show that we watch, in each and every episode we devour. She gives it back, bit by bit, with every small sip or bite she has when tasting her recipe, telling us it's ok to do so as well. With every ready made chicken stock, or ready washed salad she uses, letting us doing the same and not feeling guilty, for not spending endless hours in a kitchen to please our guests or loved ones. She has actually understood us and told us that being a hostess doesn't mean we have to be exhausted until the time the guests arrive. She has given us a way out, a way to use all the facilities available and not thinking about it twice. A way to feel great, instead of a drag, having a party. So thank you, Nigella, for telling us that all is good, all is forgiven, all is justified and the first rule is that the cook must have a good time!

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