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Ok, let's get things straight. I love cooking, I cook every day, I cook very well and I like giving dinner parties and am very good at it! That being said, as the years go by, I have come to some conclusions that tend to be some kind of life attitude from my part, and I try to stick by them because unless someone proves otherwise we only live once and life should be as pleasant and as free as possible.

So I have come to terms that I am rather a more talented eater than a chef, and if I want to eat something exquisite and difficult, I simply order it instead of making it. Believe it or not it's a lot of fun as well and there is nothing wrong with getting pampered every now and then. 

Another thing is that nothing is as easy as in a TV cooking show. The ingredients never lay in front of you in the exact portions and at the end you have to wash the dishes to say the least. 

When you cook with children things are the opposite from what you usually watch in an ad. Things get messy, everyone starts with enthusiasm, but quite often ends with crying and screaming, especially if there are more than one kids. Not to mention that the time of cooking is doubled or tripled. As my mother told me when my six year old daughter insisted on helping her in the kitchen, "So much help is almost unbearable"

And finally, preparing a dinner party, should not have to take more than two hours of your time. Otherwise, what's the point? You are not the cook, you are the hostess and should be able to spend the rest of your time getting beautiful and resting, so that when your guests arrive you can be relaxed and entertain your friends. If you are not going to have a good time it's better to make one dish or the salads and order the rest. You really don't have to tell anyone or feel bad about it!

We came on this earth because we are lucky, so whenever we can we should celebrate it! And no one can really celebrate when tired!!!

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