Destination SKG - The Modiano food market

The Modiano market took its name after the French - Jewish brothers Eli and Sarl Modiano, who built a central gallery of foods, copying that of Paris. The construction began in 1922 and Modiano was inaugurated on 26 March 1925. It was an answer to the Ottoman market mpezesteni, but also an example of the reconstruction that took place after the great fire. The market is stretched out in the building square that is shaped by the roads Aristotelous St., Ermou, King Heraklion and Komninon. In this market we can find shops with food, meat, fish, vegetables and other. Modiano is dominated by colourful food and perfumes and thus the eye many times overlooks the marks of time. The architecture is beautiful with the facades especially and it is built like a three corridor royal church, dedicated only to trade.
The fish especially are found in a great variety here, mostly in the Eastern gallery next to Aristotelous St. There are also many cafes and small restaurants. The market continues even today to charm with its retro appearance. It was considered always more qualitative than the rest of the markets and it is magical specifically in the feasts where one ends up eating standing up and with a glass of wine in hand.

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