Destination SKG - Greek coffee

This is the greek coffee. It is drunk in a small coffee cup, somewhat bigger than the espresso cup, and filled to the top. It can be plain (sketos) without sugar, medium (metrios) with some sugar, or sweet (glikos) with a lot of sugar. This must be decided before actually making the coffee, since the sugar is added with the coffee in the water before boiling. It also must have a skim (kaimaki) if it is wellmade, unlike the one in the foto. It is called greek or turkish coffee, although after the turkish invasion in Cyprus, "turkish" tends to extinct. The best one is made with slow boiling in hot sand, the way Beduins made it in the desert. It is ALWAYS served with a glass of water, since because greek coffee is the traditional thing to drink in one's funeral, we cannot raise the cup to say cheers (stin igia sou) that in greek means "here's to your health". So we do this with the glass of water. Once, you have drunk your coffee, and by that I mean only the liquid above, leaving the wet residue, you can mix it gently and turn over the cup in your plate, trying to dirt the whole inside of the cup. Then leave it this way to dry and ask a connaisseur to tell you your fortune. If what you hear is good, remember NOT to say thank you and give some change to the fortune teller, so that it becomes true!   

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