Destination SKG - Before Thessaloniki

The first residences that appear in the area, date back to 6.000 B.C. There was also fire at the area that the food was prepared, that most of the times were either lentils or barley, since the pottery and the boiling were simultaneously discovered. The most popular, however, was “asprositi” that was a type of wheat. We also, know that during this era there is hunting, hares, ducks, geese, but also wild boars and dears but also fishes that the inhabitants enjoyed. During the era of Coper, we observe that the trade increases, therefore the variety of food increases as well, and we may find broad beans and millet. Even more, with the era of Iron, the gastronomic variety is increased and therefore, the residents enjoy fishes of the Thermaikos gulf, or from nearby areas like Dion, Pella, and Olynthos, and wine from Chalkidiki (Mendi, Skioni, Toroni). There were also, the fish from lake Volvi, like the bass fish and the mule. Especially as far as the bass fish is concerned, it was offered as a sacrifice in an annual fish ceremony. During this ceremony, all participants would actually ensure salted fish for the whole year.

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