Destination SKG - Lusitania

In the forest of Panorama, a suburb of Thessaloniki, this magical restaurant manages to keep the balance between quality and pricing. Loved the serenity of the place, the discreet serving, and of course enjoyed the food.

We started with carpatsio,

 and portobello mushrooms with roasted manouri, a soft Greek cheese.

 The salad was simple but perfect.

 The risotto was very nice, with rabbit and all, but more of a winter plate.

My ravioli was absolutely perfect and light. I loved the relaxing music, and am really tempted to taste the rich outside bar, before winter comes! 



Figs. Sweet and delicious. Eat them from a bowl, or make marmalade. No matter what, it is the best and less bitter way to realize that summer is coming to its end.


chinese...in Athens

 Andy Lay, the new chef and owner of Jade palace in Glyfada, Athens, (2109623629), presents small gastronomical miracles in his restaurant.
 Nothing was short of trully delicious.
Loved everything and was tempted to and did reorder.
Pitty we do not have good chinese in Thessaloniki!


Mount Pelion

Maybe the most beautiful mountain of Greece. Pelion is the place that I always have a great time visiting, as well as eating. Try yogurt with spoon sweets or honey, Spetzofai a local feast with peppers and sausages cooked in tomato sauce, galotiri that actually means milk cheese and is exactly that. Everything is delicious and fulfilling. I especially cherish the traditional pie made with herbs that are collected from the mountain. Rich and tasty makes a great feast, even by itself.


Ariadni's birthday party

 About a month ago, my daughter had her fourth birthday. We had a garden party!
 Few guests.
 No forks needed.

 Just spoons for the birthday cake!


Great fish ...even in Athens

For us, Thessalonikians, to eat good food and especially good fish in Athens, is something that rarely happens. We are known to have the best, and punish with quick closure every restaurant that dears defying its customers by serving overprized crap. But there is a first for everything.

Bouillabaisse is a very old restaurant at Sygrou area. We had a memorable, easy going, and quite early dinner over there. We loved every bite.


OK! I admit everything I am a carnivore of the worst..oups(!) of the best kind. And as a true specimen of my kind I love with all my heart...hearts and liver. As well as other stuff of course. You’ve got to be able to recognize a true delicacy when you see one.
These slices of heart and liver are from veal. I fried them, poured a lot of lemon juice on them and ate them alone in the dark with a glass (well, maybe two) of red wine. The known character of Hannibal Lector just popped out of my head at the time. I can't imagine why...