Other tastes of Istanbul, other people as well...

Istiklal by night...ice cream with fun...

Turkish delight in too many flavors...

...endless in fact.

Some tea...the most common and cheap drink in Turkey

eating at house cafe. Some salad with goat cheese

kous kous with lamb souvlaki for me
lamb meat balls on aubergine puree for George (he was annonced winner, but mine was very good as well)

making dough for pies

A great business idea! charging people for finding out how much they weigh. There actually was a competitor on the same (galata) bridge

small cafe

eating mussels for a snack

great spices at the covered Egypt market


loukoumi and turkish delight

Drunk some tea nearby. The cafe played the same song, a turkish rock, over and over again for an hour and a half
had a donner

and some arijan

and of course kazan dipi (the bottom of the pan). Thank God we had only two days, otherwise we would gain about 10 kilos

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