Maya Lokantasi ... another way to taste Turkish food / Maya Lokantasi ...επαναπροσδιορίζοντας την τούρκικη κουζίνα

Turkish food with a french attitude? A perfect great little restaurant, maya lokantasi, in the heart of Istanbul. The city of our dreams.

Started with a cocktail to get things moving, while checking the menu. Selected but powerful  tastes emerged from the small piece of paper.
We had a salad with fish fillet (I cannot recall what kind). It really was grat and made us happy with our choice.

Goat cheese with caramelised onions, yummy!

Homemade roast beef for my spouse! 
 And fantastic octopus on aubergine purre. Unique and exquisite
The cheese cake thrilled us, and

 the icecream with lavender was divine too.

A definite MUST for your next visit in Istanbul! Of course, this was no surprise, since it was a recommendation from Angelis of istanbul eats.

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