Destination SKG - Greek coffee

This is the greek coffee. It is drunk in a small coffee cup, somewhat bigger than the espresso cup, and filled to the top. It can be plain (sketos) without sugar, medium (metrios) with some sugar, or sweet (glikos) with a lot of sugar. This must be decided before actually making the coffee, since the sugar is added with the coffee in the water before boiling. It also must have a skim (kaimaki) if it is wellmade, unlike the one in the foto. It is called greek or turkish coffee, although after the turkish invasion in Cyprus, "turkish" tends to extinct. The best one is made with slow boiling in hot sand, the way Beduins made it in the desert. It is ALWAYS served with a glass of water, since because greek coffee is the traditional thing to drink in one's funeral, we cannot raise the cup to say cheers (stin igia sou) that in greek means "here's to your health". So we do this with the glass of water. Once, you have drunk your coffee, and by that I mean only the liquid above, leaving the wet residue, you can mix it gently and turn over the cup in your plate, trying to dirt the whole inside of the cup. Then leave it this way to dry and ask a connaisseur to tell you your fortune. If what you hear is good, remember NOT to say thank you and give some change to the fortune teller, so that it becomes true!   


THE sauce pot

from www.bodum.com
So clever!!! No need for small dishes, no waste of sauce, or, quite often for us Greeks, of olive oil. Why nobody else thought of it sooner? Bodum is, after all the company mostly known of its innovation as well as its style. In every product there are small twists and details that make a difference, such as the combining salt and pepper grinder below that saves you from a second one,
from www.bodum.com

or the bread box with cutting board lid and the air window that improves the hygiene of the stored bread.
from www.bodum.com
And at the same time, how beautiful!


paperlike porcelain

from www.hay.dk
I was always in love with Danish design! Its simplicity and usefulness, while still looking great, continues to thrill me. In the case of this porcelain china, that resembles paper plates, I have also found humor and inventiveness! So resourceful that easily brings a smile on one's face.


Destination SKG - Before Thessaloniki

The first residences that appear in the area, date back to 6.000 B.C. There was also fire at the area that the food was prepared, that most of the times were either lentils or barley, since the pottery and the boiling were simultaneously discovered. The most popular, however, was “asprositi” that was a type of wheat. We also, know that during this era there is hunting, hares, ducks, geese, but also wild boars and dears but also fishes that the inhabitants enjoyed. During the era of Coper, we observe that the trade increases, therefore the variety of food increases as well, and we may find broad beans and millet. Even more, with the era of Iron, the gastronomic variety is increased and therefore, the residents enjoy fishes of the Thermaikos gulf, or from nearby areas like Dion, Pella, and Olynthos, and wine from Chalkidiki (Mendi, Skioni, Toroni). There were also, the fish from lake Volvi, like the bass fish and the mule. Especially as far as the bass fish is concerned, it was offered as a sacrifice in an annual fish ceremony. During this ceremony, all participants would actually ensure salted fish for the whole year.


Capers, the Santorini island green treasure

This Santorini taste that has been forever loved by Greeks and all around the world, can easily be found in many Greek traditional dishes, or bought in small jars. Fava, tomato salad, or small cheese bites are eternal companions, for these small bitter and salted green beads. Their strong taste awakens strong feelings of either love or hate. If you are a fan try them in dishes that desire ouzo, tsipouro or asyrtiko (divine) wine!


the salt of our life

from http://www.maldonsalt.co.uk
This salt is the meeting point of many chefs, and a delicious way of seasoning your dishes. The most valuable of spices, the sneaky Snow-white of tastes, the one ingredient that all food long for, has found the perfect ambassador. With a long history and an everlasting family love, the Maldon salt carries a huge tradition with great pride, to bring taste to the highest.


home cooking conclusions

from www.chicagonow.com and liquene
Ok, let's get things straight. I love cooking, I cook every day, I cook very well and I like giving dinner parties and am very good at it! That being said, as the years go by, I have come to some conclusions that tend to be some kind of life attitude from my part, and I try to stick by them because unless someone proves otherwise we only live once and life should be as pleasant and as free as possible.

So I have come to terms that I am rather a more talented eater than a chef, and if I want to eat something exquisite and difficult, I simply order it instead of making it. Believe it or not it's a lot of fun as well and there is nothing wrong with getting pampered every now and then. 

Another thing is that nothing is as easy as in a TV cooking show. The ingredients never lay in front of you in the exact portions and at the end you have to wash the dishes to say the least. 

When you cook with children things are the opposite from what you usually watch in an ad. Things get messy, everyone starts with enthusiasm, but quite often ends with crying and screaming, especially if there are more than one kids. Not to mention that the time of cooking is doubled or tripled. As my mother told me when my six year old daughter insisted on helping her in the kitchen, "So much help is almost unbearable"

And finally, preparing a dinner party, should not have to take more than two hours of your time. Otherwise, what's the point? You are not the cook, you are the hostess and should be able to spend the rest of your time getting beautiful and resting, so that when your guests arrive you can be relaxed and entertain your friends. If you are not going to have a good time it's better to make one dish or the salads and order the rest. You really don't have to tell anyone or feel bad about it!

We came on this earth because we are lucky, so whenever we can we should celebrate it! And no one can really celebrate when tired!!!