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Summer camps - challenging for a child or a mother?

This year me and my husband decided it was time for our children (a ten year old son and a nine year old daughter - today is her birthday) to send them to summer camp! The choice of the camp wasn't questioned, since our children weren't scouts , YMCA was the obvious solution. 
To this time, that our children have not yet returned, but we had our visiting day (what a torture! crying and hugging and dreading the parting time) we believe, we made a good decision! Our son has a great time there, and our daughter would also, except she was bitten by mosquitoes and is on antibiotics, so unfortunately misses some of her swims. 
They both miss us very much, and we both miss them as well! However I think this is a part of the growing up process, and will eventually empower them to cope with more difficulties in life. 
For me as a mother, it is an ordeal knowing that especially my daughter has more difficulties than other campers, and that they are first timers, and they have both crie…

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