Tender tenderloin

This is the only pork dish I seem to manage to cook in my place! It's not that I don't like pork, it's just, that I love veal, and I get rid of my guilt with chicken, and fish, so inevitably, pork is left out. Nevertheless, this is not only an easy and quick dish, it can also be an impressive main course at a dinner party, and a great plus is that it is very popular with kids as well. The few materials are easily obtained, since apart from the tenderloin we only need butter, bacon, sage, salt and pepper.
The only important word of advice is that we must have a trusted provider, that will supply us with the very best piece of meat that we can possibly find! Best try to buy locally, and develop a personal relationship with your chosen confidant...don't laugh, anyone that has bought and spent hours cooking meat that turned out being inedible, knows the value of a reliable butcher. Mine, xenophon,is of course close to my place, always treats me with a smile and has a great variety!


Black ballerinas - an autumn's must

Is there a more essential, elegant,all day shoe in which we can trust our first autumn days? It is synonymous to effortless style and suitable to almost anything we wear! Puts us out of the spot, deciding and self debating about the height of heels, simply by cancelling it!

I believe that there is actually a kind of wisdom in a pair a ballerinas. It gives one an easy going french quality, an exquisite comfort, and can also be a surprising factor in any kind of outfit, without shouting out too loud.

So time to rest our sandals ladies! Autumn is here! tack your toes and wait for the first cool breeze. We are ready!


Summer camps - challenging for a child or a mother?

pic from https://livinginluzern.swiss

This year me and my husband decided it was time for our children (a ten year old son and a nine year old daughter - today is her birthday) to send them to summer camp! The choice of the camp wasn't questioned, since our children weren't scouts , YMCA was the obvious solution. 

To this time, that our children have not yet returned, but we had our visiting day (what a torture! crying and hugging and dreading the parting time) we believe, we made a good decision! Our son has a great time there, and our daughter would also, except she was bitten by mosquitoes and is on antibiotics, so unfortunately misses some of her swims. 

They both miss us very much, and we both miss them as well! However I think this is a part of the growing up process, and will eventually empower them to cope with more difficulties in life. 

For me as a mother, it is an ordeal knowing that especially my daughter has more difficulties than other campers, and that they are first timers, and they have both cried, at night in their beds, but I, also must realise that we are not tied up to each other, and I must learn to let go! And trust me when I tell you that this for a Greek mother, even nowadays, is too difficult to cope with. 

So, really, in a week that we are getting back together, I have to wonder, will I be able to maintain at least some of the good staff that the camp taught them and me, or am I going to be incorrigible and spoil them again? 

Now that their adventure is nearly over, I can only wonder how will life after camp really be. 


Summer accessorising

Summer accessorises are usually quite different from their more discreet and elegant cousins that love winter and tend to be timeless. On the other hand summer jewels are often not even jewels. 

Bolder, bigger, colourful, with a distinctive quality, they stand out and make brave statements concerning our appearance.

Sparkle as well is a widely preferred spring and summer element.

Stones as well as clay statues or even iron objects, that derive from tradition are used to make the necklaces or bracelets even more distinctive.

These are bond on leather, which as a natural product is a summer must.

Last but not least, in Greece that we believe that someone with bad energy can look at us with envy and give us a headache, or bad fortune, we wear an eye or a turquoise jewelry and accessorise protecting ourselves at the same time!!!


Eternally Cherished - the NIVEA hand and body cream

There are some values in life, that have become classics and for very good reason. The NIVEA cream that was cherished by our mothers as well as our grandmothers, is a treasure for every woman facing a mild or a severe dry skin problem. This, almost pharmaceutical  product, is actually therapeutic and comforting for the cold winter nights and for the sunny burning days. Its oily, but light texture makes everything feel better, and the metal recognisable round container, has become a symbol for skincare worldwide. I still remember the ones I filled with buttons or pins as a child. And as I apply some ointment on my always needy hands, and I smell the well known scent I feel like a ten year old, sharing my mom's cosmetics.


The Ai - Giorgis Tavern

"Ai" is the short word for "Agios" , which in Greece means "Saint". But the chef of this gourmand tavern near the Greek - Turkish boarders is more of a God! The menu is full of delicacies that will fill with pleasure just about everyone.
The view is also magical, only to mach the dishes, since the restaurant is built on the seafront. This way, the customer can enjoy the sounds of the waves while being served by the best.
It was very relieving to find that the fresh fish, shellfish, octopuses, squids and oysters kept coming straight from the sea during the day, but also that the staff was very professional, but showed at the same time a personal interest in the satisfaction of the customers!  
Let's just say that in a three day trip, we spend two of our dinners there, and leave it to that!


The REAL Greek Yogurt - A life elixir

This full bodied, full fat, full flavor, full life, sheep milk made yogurt is a truly magic Greek elixir. It is great for the skin, for the stomach and the entire Castro system of our body, it gives a feeling of cleanse in our  mouth and it's a real diet treasure. 
The mistake I think some people do, is they don't widen the variety of products they combine it with. They strictly consider it as a dessert material and try honey, marmalade and other sweet products to complement it. These are all fine, don't get me wrong, but try a different aspect, as well.  I , for one, adore its ability to adjust and soften more difficult and tough flavors. Try ginger, garlic, Tabasco and celery, roasted sweet red peppers, olive oil and parsley, beetroot, and anything else that comes in your mind! And of course don't forget to savour it with salt and pepper!
As for the skin, my favourite delicacy (!), you can either eat it before and enjoy the privilege, or you can mix it with the rest of the ingredients and give a rustic edge in the texture. Enjoy, I just now did!   


All time classics - The mariniere

photo from sailcouture.com
No need explaining why this is a classic and a basic in every closet, no matter the gender! I can't really have enough of them. It is basically a summer item, but it's easily treated as an all weather blouse. So stylish, so elegant, so navy, so classic and so honoured by all designers, from the time that Coco Channel brought it into the catwalks, to Jean Paul Gaultier that worshipped it beyond belief, and movie stars around the world. This is a personal fetish, a loved piece, a combination of my true colours white and blue, sea and sky, that brings a playful mood in any appearance!


Mood boards!!! Why we all need one?

This is something we all used to do when we were children and teenagers. In fact in our young years, I dare say that our mood boards were as big as our bedroom walls, filled with music stars, actors, idols, pictures.
Now, that we have grown and grown out of this habit, maybe it;s time to rethink it. We don't have to let anyone else know and we surely don't need to cover our bedroom walls any more. My mood board for example is the inside of my bathroom cupboard, so that it can be out of the way, it can be ONLY mine and at the same time I can see it everyday.
This way, I start my day happy, focus on things I want to do (for example not overeat- Summer is close) get inspired by women I admire, even remember that Paris is forever inside me!
This is me, and of course I'm not static! As I evolve, so does my mood board! New places, a great painting, strange trends and different style icons emerge from the ever changing show business, blogoshere, the whole world. Grab your scotch tape and scissors, and start! 


Are you an effective team? - Couple stories

photo from sci fi interfaces and the movie OBLIVION
There is only one way to act in a marriage and expect it to last, in my opinion. Be a team. 
Your husband or wife is more than your lover, more than your friend, even more than the parent of your children. He or she is your partner, your fellow soldier, and you better make sure you got his back covered, and he has got yours.
This is not about love or sex, though these help a lot. This is much more. Being united against the rest of the world (your kids included) isn't always so easy, especially when difficult times or challenging ventures are encountered. But that is the time, that sticking together really matters, and you should ask the question: Are we an effective team?
There is , though, one attitude that can help you understand the essence of this strong bond. On the opposite from the commonly accepted idea that a marriage is all about compromise, I go for the "No compromise policy". Don't ever compromise, do your partner a favour just because you can and you want to. You love him, you want to please him, you like making him or her happy, and you are a giving person. If you believe you are compromising, you will start counting how many times you backed down, how many times the other one did, how important was your compromises compared to your partner, and so on. Isn't it just better not to?
However this can work only if the other part feels the same way. So don't compromise there either. Choose wisely the person next to you.


The Tracksuit Factor

Photo from Daily Mail

It is commonly known that dressing up has become more relaxed, more easy going, and less formal. This is the reason, terms like "casual smart" have been used a lot lately. Nevertheless, ladies, maybe it's not a bad idea to draw a line at some point. And this line I believe, should exclude tracksuits from our everyday clothes. 
This matter is not as trivial as you may think, it is a matter of life and death! The death of our style and mood. As  Ines de la Fressange said the tracksuit shows abandonment. There are too many reasons not to go out in it. It doesn't look good on anyone, and I mean anyone, except models ( but a garbage bag would look nice on them too). You can't tell if you put on some weight, in order to try to lose it. It doesn't do any justice to your posture. It reminds you that you haven't been in the gym for the past 132 months. You might meet the love of your life, the father of your children, the dream employer, a style icon, why be in a tracksuit? You are not a school student. (Unless you are so go ahead and wear it). You are not in the gym (if you are, you are also excused).
Sure, there are those that argue about the comfort they provide, but  at what expense! Who wants to be just comfortable? if that's the case we could wear our pj's and slippers, and be even more comfortable! Even the ladies in the picture would make no to bad impression, if they weren't famous. Wouldn't you agree?