Office lunch: Magic Greek yogurt and the Underwood diet

Greek yogurt is the one of the new favorite foods internationally, and not without cause. It is delicious, cleansing, full of good enzymes, good for the skin and even the full fat is not diet forbidden. Actually the one in the photograph is made from sheep milk and has even more fat, and even more taste for that matter and it is my personal remedy for guiltless pleasure.

Now, if it is combined with the Claire Underwood diet, meaning the raw vegetable sticks, I think it makes a modest office lunch, that gives energy, vitamins, calcium and no extra calories or carbs. At the same time, you look elegant and body conscious. And who knows? you also might lose a couple of pounds! 


Power Women: Claire Underwood

from wikipedia

It is this new generation of more mature, beautiful, sexy, enigmatic and super powerful women that make us all wonder why the rest of us are afraid of getting older, and not looking forward to it! Mrs Underwood is all of that and much, much, more. There is nothing easy in being cold blooded as you easily let people go, or as you talk to your husband's mistress. But she, in her black and grey clean cut dresses and her high heels, can lightly float above all the rest of the simple minded mortals. The ingredients of her greatness are known and not so difficult to follow: a cold look, a dark without any blinks wardrobe, a silent attitude, a ruthless will, an iron mentality, stopping to nothing, plotting, planning, dieting, working out, elegant ways. All these lead to a female achiever, capable to move mountains. Watch and learn ladies! Watch and learn! 


M&S food choices - Lemon Curd

For us, sour food lovers, there's another temptation waiting in the marks and spencer food department! The Sicilian lemon curd has a full yet light texture, which makes it too hard to resist. The taste is so delicate and fresh, making easy to combine it with almost everything. It is to plainly put it, a worthy coffee companion that will add an exquisite, gourmand and elegant touch to a simple or even quick breakfast! Enjoy!


Destination SKG - Greek coffee

This is the greek coffee. It is drunk in a small coffee cup, somewhat bigger than the espresso cup, and filled to the top. It can be plain (sketos) without sugar, medium (metrios) with some sugar, or sweet (glikos) with a lot of sugar. This must be decided before actually making the coffee, since the sugar is added with the coffee in the water before boiling. It also must have a skim (kaimaki) if it is wellmade, unlike the one in the foto. It is called greek or turkish coffee, although after the turkish invasion in Cyprus, "turkish" tends to extinct. The best one is made with slow boiling in hot sand, the way Beduins made it in the desert. It is ALWAYS served with a glass of water, since because greek coffee is the traditional thing to drink in one's funeral, we cannot raise the cup to say cheers (stin igia sou) that in greek means "here's to your health". So we do this with the glass of water. Once, you have drunk your coffee, and by that I mean only the liquid above, leaving the wet residue, you can mix it gently and turn over the cup in your plate, trying to dirt the whole inside of the cup. Then leave it this way to dry and ask a connaisseur to tell you your fortune. If what you hear is good, remember NOT to say thank you and give some change to the fortune teller, so that it becomes true!   


THE sauce pot

from www.bodum.com
So clever!!! No need for small dishes, no waste of sauce, or, quite often for us Greeks, of olive oil. Why nobody else thought of it sooner? Bodum is, after all the company mostly known of its innovation as well as its style. In every product there are small twists and details that make a difference, such as the combining salt and pepper grinder below that saves you from a second one,
from www.bodum.com

or the bread box with cutting board lid and the air window that improves the hygiene of the stored bread.
from www.bodum.com
And at the same time, how beautiful!


paperlike porcelain

from www.hay.dk
I was always in love with Danish design! Its simplicity and usefulness, while still looking great, continues to thrill me. In the case of this porcelain china, that resembles paper plates, I have also found humor and inventiveness! So resourceful that easily brings a smile on one's face.